“The real mission you have in life, is to make yourself happy, and in order to be happy, you have to look at what you believe, the way you judge yourself, the way you victimize yourself.” - don Miguel Ruiz

Are you feeling stuck?  Getting tired of the same old routine and feel the struggle to make positive changes that you know need to be made? Is your energy low and sluggish? How many times a day do you find yourself judging or comparing yourself to someone else or an "ideal"?

The time could be now for you to really discover who you are!


We will be navigating through new philosophies and experiments on how to navigate through negativity and fall into a place of love and balance, leaving you with tools to maintain your new skills.

This series will include many tools and Toltec Philosophies including:

* Self Empowerment

* Self Love

* Owning your shit 

* Speaking your truth

* Healthy Boundaries 

* Authenticity

* Guided meditations 

It's time to free yourself from your internal chains!

​You will have the opportunity to practice using the tools you have learned along your journey in a safe and supportive community where you can come and be held while you do your deep work.

Welcome to Tales from Within


This session will be in an on-line format using Zoom. Zoom is a professional program that will allow you to see all participants at once, or just focusing on the instructor. It is very easy to use.  If you have any questions on how to use Zoom, please reach out, I would love to help!

All classes will be recorded, so if you can't attend one night, you will still be able to watch the session at your convenience.

You can join via phone or video, and your level of participation is strictly up to you! You can also go at your own pace.

There will be a private Facebook group created for the session, where you will be able to post your homework and get feedback, love and support.

There will be payment options available, see the Store for your options!