My commitment to you comes from my heart

It doesn't matter what your story is, who your parents were, what you do for a living.

I am able to hold a strong container for you to heal and grow...no matter your circumstances


For almost two decades, I had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented coaches and athletes in the country and across the world in the Trampoline and Tumbling community.  

I would love to share my knowledge and experience with short and
long-term goal setting, setting boundaries, time management,
how to stay motivated and focused in times of high stress.

I can work with you to overcome fear, anxiety and help bring confidence, power and balance into your life.​

Trampoline and Tumbling - Coaching Testimonials

I have known Angie since I was about 6 years old

​She was a national level Tumbling and Trampoline gymnastic coach and scouted me when I was just a little one in recreational gymnastics.

From such a young age Angie played an integral part in my life, and always showed me nothing but support, positivity, loyalty and endless amounts love.

Angie took me in as if I was her own child, and she did not just do
​this for me, she did this for EVERY one of her athletes.

As I continued to grow and move up in difficulty, Angie continued to give her full support not only to me, but to my family. I saw her on the daily, and she was the one person that could brighten my day no matter what.                                                                                                                                                             

Angie showed me how to be a team player, how to support everyone, how to not give up, how to stay strong, how to be positive, and most of all she showed me it was okay to be myself and not to hide my true colors. Over the years Angie played a huge role in my life and to this day I still look back on the life lessons and personal skills that Angie taught me.


She is a huge reason I am the person that I am today, and a huge reason why I am able to be my true self.                                                                                                                                              

Without her constant support, kindness, selflessness and never ending love that she showed me growing up, I would not be half the person I have become.​ Angie is a blessing in disguise, she truly leaves a lasting impression that I will continue to cherish for my life, she has left an imprint in my heart and I know she will continue to do the same for others.                         - Kristen T.

From the gym to the Circus!

Angie started coaching me when I was about 11 years old.


She immediately gave me so much support and encouragement to learn fast and get to higher levels for competitions.

She believed in me.


I trained with her some years for 25 hours/ week. Not only was she an amazing coach in the gym- but she ended up acting like a big sister for me. Coaching me through hard life lessons and holding me while I cried. Even when I had sore shoulders she was the first one massaging it (something far beyond her job description I'm sure).


It was evident she truly cared for all her athletes.


My family was going through some hard times and Angie took me in and cared for me like we were family. She was always a strong figure in my life I looked up to and loved being around.


Now years later to see her on this path of healing, it is no surprise. Angie has always been deeply intuitive, empathic and nurturing. She has been a true angel in my life along with countless others. It only makes sense for her to continue healing and sharing her gifts."                                      -Aya

Holistic Coaching Testimonials

I have been going to see Angie for ​over 2 years now.
​She is a true healer, very intuitive and creative in her treatments.
She has helped immensely with muscle tension through massage but equally as much with grounding and body awareness through Reiki and crystal work.
She has been an integral part of my self care when coping with anxiety and I credit her with helping me get to a point where my anxiety has greatly decreased - a huge success!
When I see Angie regularly, my body feels great. She is great at releasing muscle tension no matter how long it has been there. 
She is stubborn and strong and she will find a way to release whatever you are holding on to. 
My husband (Rob Niedermayer) is a client of hers as well and my family goes to see her whenever they are visiting. (Barney Bentall, Dustin Bentall, Kendal Carson)
She is one of a kind!
I highly recommend her!

Michelle Lyon


If anyone is a beacon of light in the darkness, it is absolutely you. You have found your true calling and you are absolutely amazing.

I was drawn to you the moment I saw you but in all honesty I didn't know how to react to you. I think I knew you were such a bright light and that you'd be able to see right through my bullshit if I tried any. 

You allowed a room full of strangers to see the real you....the bravery that takes. 
I have a hard time looking into your eyes sometimes, like last night when you were speaking about me,
​because I feel so much when I do. Sometimes I'm not ready to feel it all, even though you are. 

There is a warmth about you that cannot be denied. You are like everyone's mother and I can see why you are so amazing with children and teenagers. 

I admire your strength, your confidence, your sensitivity, your knowledge....
Okay there isn't much I don't admire. You just rock ...it's that simple. 

As cliche as it is, I walked into a class in the middle of a personal shit storm and because of you, I walked out a completely different person. Healthier, stronger, more aware and healing more everyday.

And now with going through the hardest healing I've ever had to do, you once again, with only a few classes and 1 one on one session, have helped me soothe my inner self, reminded me that I already have the tools to deal with my grief and any anxiety and showed me my true inner strength. 

You inspire me and I could go on and on and on about you ....you're just effin' freakin' beautiful inside and out and I love you.

​I can't express how grateful I am for you xo 

Kelly Otte

Electric Moonbeams

I need to write it out, I need to remember, it's in my mind, now's the time.

I wake up the morning of. Lump in throat. Oh hello, throat chakra. I know it's a something but I try my best to go about my day. I don't draw to much attention to it in my thoughts, I don't need my anxiety holding me back from going to class tonight. I don't mention it to anyone.

I go to class. It starts like usual. Eager minds/hearts/throats ready to be opened. Bathroom break. Angie passes around tissues.

Lump is back. Palms sweat. Heart beating thru my chest. And we start our next exercise.
'I hate you, You're fat, You're a failure, You're shit...' These women, these goddesses,
​these warriors of self, expressing their ego minds in such a raw way. In front of all.

The tears fall and there is no end in sight. I embrace it. I hold space. I pull up symbols. I push these energies out the door.....I ground.....I ground so fucking hard. And I feel and then I push it out. 
The circle opens up to others.

"Try it. Feel it. Release it. We have you".
This amazing goddess warrior that inspires me everyday with her eagerness, her willingness,
her opennessShe steps up first, Others after her.

I look at my soul sister, I mouth the words thru my tears, "..are you going to?"
She mirrors my face back to me, cheeks wet, face stained with black makeup
(personal note to self, light on the makeup from here on out)
"I...don't..know" she mouths back at me and I feel that.
Panic. Lump in throat still. Feet in ground. Others after.

So brave. I don't think I can even put into words how amazing these souls are. So relate-able. I feel them as if they are my own thoughts.
I hear them in my own self. These dark shitty things we all say to ourselves.
I am not alone. And I just let it come. And I push them out. Into the vortex, I release for them, for myself.

And then my soul sister goes. And I am so proud. She is so brave. I know her darkness is her own, but in many ways I relate so strongly to her
I have this amazingly strong, loving woman beside me and she is feeling it all as well. Sending rays of love towards the middle of the circle where the healing is going on. On my other side, I have my inspiring warrior goddess, you can just feel her strength. I listen to her strong words. And I feel them in myself.

My soul sister rejoins us to hold space, to be the container for others. I can no longer see from my eyes.
But I don't wipe my face. I need this. I need to cry. 
"IF NOT NOW, WHEN..?" Morgan brings in his masculine energy. His warrior side.
And I feel it deep in my core. Legs move, but his words hit another at the same moment and it's her time.The exercise comes to a close. 
We move our feet. Ice cold. Numb. Body shakes. Such a release.

I feel like I have taken all their words, heard them within myself, felt them and through my tears and my intentions released them back into the earth.
For them, but also, as I come to realize, for myself. Our time together ends, I feel...regret....should've..should've..should've..
We leave. I process at my sister's house.

I ask her, "So what was it like? In there? Listening to them say your shitty things back to you..?"
And she says, in the most illuminating way
"I would never allow anyone to say that shit to me, so why the hell am I saying it to myself?"

I thought I was going to regret not stepping in, not opening up, not facing myself. But that's not even close to what I'm going through.

It was one of the most healing, most powerful experiences to date in this lifetime for myself.

And I have not heard my ego, my shitty self talk, since.

I feel more open, more accepting of self, and I feel love for myself.

And if you know me, you know thats the place I struggle with probably the most.

#Changed. - Kelly O, Journey to Ascension class, Nov 2016

Donna Hartt

The Mountain Medium

Dear Angela,

Thank you so much for an absolutely amazing session yesterday. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to our next time together.

As you know, my work as a Medium on this planet is EXTREMELY important to me, and part of being able to do the work to the best of my ability is keeping myself "free and clear" and in a very energetically connected state.

During yesterday's session I was taken on a journey. A journey you facilitated and FELT when it happened. And, while this might sound strange to some, I am a firm believer that we can "travel" whether it be astrally or "out of body".

As you are very well aware, given your strong intuitive nature, you felt what was beginning to happen to me, the woozy stomach like I was on a roller coaster ride, and you facilitated something extremely magical in that moment. I was sucked into the Eighth Dimension. While there I met those that dwell in that realm and brought back "pieces" of that energy to house in my soul. I have never felt such warmth from "other wordlies" as I have in that moment and new something BIG had happened and that my work had taken on a new dimension, lol..........

The Eighth Dimension, I believe, has become a HUGE part of the work I will do now. I feel supercharged and FULL of more knowledge than I housed before. It is like my work has taken a huge leap and that things are going to be
​even more clear than they were before.

I cannot thank you enough!!!

Because of you, I learned more about the Chakras and you helped bring in the energy of the 8th chakra of "Universal Love". YOU facilitated that, and that, is absolutely amazing!

​My Sincerest Gratitude,
Donna Hartt, "The Mountain Medium"

PS - I would strongly encourage any Lightworkers out there to work with Angie.
She is one powerful being in the work that she does, as I now know her work to be trans-dimensional. 
How amazing is that???!!!!

Kya Dubois

Soul of the Boreal

Inner child work is one of the hardest, yet most important, forms of healing a person can do.
​Everyone has to work on this space. No one’s immune to it, so don’t even try to tell me you are. Myself being no exception.

I have been working diligently on getting to know to my inner mini-me for a long time. And if I’m going to be honest, for the most part it was pretty fun!
Onesies, stuffed animals, cartoons, ice cream, and sleep overs were all my prescriptions. Through out my meditations and inner journeys, I would always find little Kya playing in her sacred space. Surrounded by everything she loved most: Beauty and the Beast, crystals and rocks, stuffed animals too many to count, and a large, inviting mud puddle center-piecing
the open space amongst the gold lit trees.

She ran, played, and giggled, all while her white blond hair danced in it’s pony tail and cut across her brow like a perfect little china doll. There were some tough moments though.
Sometimes I would hold her and cry. I would tell her she was loved, she was safe.
​Our hearts would connect and she would take what she needed; strength, support, protection, and unconditional love. I could never hold her long before she would grow bored and release from my bosom to prance gleefully back to her treasures.

“Play! Remember to play!!”

The message was always the same for grown-up me. Remember to play. You’ve grown up so fast, remember to play. So, I did. At least, I try.
It didn’t take very long before I felt comfortable in that time line again. Child Kya was healed, at least mostly. I’m not so arrogant to say that more wounds may rear their ugly face’s in the future, but she was healed enough to let me go and allow me to move on to the next time line.
“Oh shit.”
Going from the small, bright eyed and innocent wild child to a tormented, undervalued and misunderstood adolescent, 
wasn’t something I had prepared myself nearly enough for. 
The hurt, pain, and trauma in that decade was more profound than I allowed myself to admit.

Now here I stood, looking unwavering into her eyes, her hurt. My vision tunnelled deep into her eyes, where behind the sparkling browns and greens I could see the darkness in full form. There lay a creature, that I can only describe as similar to Venom. Writhing, screaming, and bleeding, I could see nothing more but this torturous creature. It was pure darkness, pure pain, blocking out all and any light from entering or leaving. Its body dripped and bled like thick poisonous oil, splashing onto and overthrowing itself only to re-emerge, over and over again. Stuck in an endless loop, it wanted to escape.
It could not bare to remain still in it’s prison but it had no means of escape.

I looked upon this creature’s grotesque being and I cried. I cried for this creature who would never understand light. I cried for teenage Kya, for the memory of her pain was still held strength. But mostly, I cried for myself, for these were parts of my being and dwelled within my own self, not without.

I held her face in my hands and pulled her towards me. My lips caressed her eye as our two beings met. Through a gentle kiss, I found myself sucking that darkness out. That creature forever trapped, writhing in agony, came swiftly out and entered my lungs.

Kya’s vision needed to be cleared, needed to be cleaned. Healing light needed passage into her body, and I was only one who could clear that path. I breathed deeply in, removing all the darkness I could possibly hold. I breathed deep, until my lungs filled, until I couldn’t possibly fit anymore.

Our embrace broke, my lips left her eyes and my hands left her face. A dark, billowing cloud of dense smoke passed through my lips as my lungs exploded from the weight. The creature shrieked as it was finally gifted it’s release. As the smoke dissipated into the air, I looked back toKya to find her with a hint of a smile.

There was gratitude in her eyes, and love in her heart.
She was not healed. Her pain had not been eased, her trauma barely addressed.

But a path for the light had been constructed. A clearer path for love, vision, and message was ready and waiting.
Kya walked towards me, and our two timelines met. Our energy bodies met and became one once again.
And quietly, ever so softly, I sent the first message down her timeline:

“I forgive you. I love you. You did the best you could with the tools you had. You are loved. You are forgiven.”
And I heard a quiet sigh of relief from somewhere within.
                                                                            - Kya Dubois

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