“Do not think for one second you don’t have control over healing your body”

“Do not think for one second you don’t have control over healing your body”, spoken with incantation, directly into my third eye. Words from Grand Master Piercey, masculine warrior energy, shifting the DNA within my cells as he spoke.

The weekend before, in ceremony with my powerhouse group of women in nature, calling in the elements, speaking in prayer, speaking of the power of our words and that what we do does, indeed, affect our day to day lives. Manifestation in the form of words….energy.

Being so open and sharing in love, drinking in the connection of the divine, internally knowing we shift the globe with these gatherings and intentions set during these powerful times. The power of our words in ceremony bringing souls together in sacred containers, there is no power like it.

To become powerful in light, we know we must face our shadows, for those who can navigate through their darkness, can transform into the brightest light.

Our voices in our heads, the Toltecs call our Mitote. There is no one on this planet that can beat us up as well as we can beat up ourselves, as we know all of our own darkest secrets. The wreak havoc, keep us up at night, call us stupid, worthless, not good enough, and unlovable. We spend our lives battling our Mitote and without the appropriate tools, we feel blocked.

How many times have you said, “I will never be able to do that”. “I will always be afraid of this”. “I made my bed, I have to sleep in it”. “I am never going to heal”.

Well, congratulations…you have just put a spell on yourself,

your wish is your command.


And if you are anything like me…(stubborn, bullheaded, fiery, opinionated Leo…hey I can own my shadow) once you have made up your mind…it takes a huge amount of energy to shift out of the agreement you made with yourself.

Shifting between the 2 containers I have chosen, Kung Fu, with Grand Master Piercey and Toltec Philosophies with HeatherAsh Amara, I am finding this beautiful balance between masculine and feminine energies…same baseline philosophies…but different languages spoken...and sometimes I need that baseball bat.

It’s also giving me an opportunity to challenge some of my old agreements, as I took a 15 year break from martial arts, only to return to my old school, which was now holding a completely new energy. Battling my Mitote, “this isn’t the same as before”, “I’m too old to do that skill”, “I’m not strong enough for skill class”, “what do you mean I’m not allowed to jump yet….” Oh right…stress fractures happen…take a seat ego. Canceling those agreements, calling in the water element and flowing.

My higher self chimes in, “Different does not mean it’s less powerful…be open to change…remember you left because you didn’t like the energy, why would you call that back in so you are comfortable in the knowing, even though it wasn’t serving your highest good at that time?”

It’s fascinating that we use control to combat fear.


And here’s the greatest gift of all….At ANY time, you can choose to shift your thoughts.

You have the power to decide what and who you will let into your sacred space. And while you are searching, ask questions, observe behaviors, assess energies around you, stalk yourself and your Mitote.


Stalk your thoughts, face your fears and for goodness sake, stop putting spells on yourself!!!

You ARE love


And don’t think for one second, you don’t have control over healing your body, mind and soul <3

It's time to take back your power my love.

Angela McPherson

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