I am not a Crane, I am a Lighthouse

This beautiful and most powerful Blue Full Moon has shown me visuals I have never seen before. The most potent teaching I received talked about an analogy between the Lighthouse and the Crane.

We hear teachings talking about being a Lighthouse. Anchor yourself strong and steady and shine. Allow your light to shine for all to see. Those ready to do their work and receive your gifts will come to you. All you must do, is shine your consistent light.

During my ceremony of release on the eve of the full moon, I was shown a construction type crane. Very high up, with a wide swinging arm, with a long-braided wire type rope hanging from it and a large metal hook on the bottom of the rope.

The birds eye view of this visual, was me as the crane, picking up people with the hook and pulling them up into a different vibration. Problem being…some of those people weren’t ready. Some of them jumped off the hook, never to be seen again and some of them were strong enough to keep the hook on their ground, hence grounding me in their dimension. Once anchored there, I was no longer able to do the work I needed to do.

Sometimes I made the conscious choice to stay there and help them through certain crisis’s, as all experience provide valuable information and growth for every soul and because of that choice, I saw my crane grow another arm, so I could start swinging again and continue my work.

As you can see this pattern grow, some chose to anchor me instead of allowing the lift. I own that I allowed this to happen. Another arm would grow, in attempt to return to my dimension and the pattern keeps repeating.

It became clear that these ropes were, in fact, cords. The Universe had been very creative in giving me a visual that truly made me “get” Co Dependence. The message was very clear.


There are no cords attached to a lighthouse. It just emits energy, and those attracted to the energy will emerge. The lighthouse stands alone in it’s power as people come and go as they need it’s light. The lighthouse helps by holding space, it helps by providing light to their safest and most efficient path. It’s their choice as to what path they want to take…no exceptions.

The process of getting still and removing myself from all distraction to fill up my own buckets, allowed me to “see” what I had gotten myself into.

If you find yourself sitting with a lot of resentment, anger, frustration and fear, I encourage you to get really still for as long as it takes. Take the time to assess where your cords are and evaluate what dimension you are in and if that is really where you are meant to be.

I am so very grateful for this message and visual. Co Dependence is not a new subject in my world and I’m so blessed the Universe never gives up on us, bringing the information to us in many different ways until one tool FINALLY hits us on the head.


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