2016, Thank You

You look through your Facebook timelines and all you see is "2016 sucked, this was the worst year ever, good riddance to 2016, and it goes on and on...." I guess its all about perspective, and for me, this year was very challenging but I chose to look it straight in the eye and tell it to "piss up a rope". I accepted the challenge and will did my best to not drown. We travelled more this year than have ever in previous years, that in itself provided many challenges and opportunitys for healing. Vegas in January, Sedona in April, travelled across Canada truck and trailer with 3 fur babies in August, Calgary the end of August and Sedona again in September. Navigating family and business with the amount of travelling we did together and alone brought in a whole new awareness and appreciation for our relationship and the people surrounding us. Both of my trips to Sedona were to retreats with Shamans with specific purposes for healing and heart expansion. They were beyond anything I could have ever imagined and I will be writing specific blog posts about my transformational experiences there. I chose to dive head first into my healing and unpeel those final layers that nobody wants to deal with ...ever. It takes time and financial commitment for the transformation to take place, and the second trip to Sedona had me selling my SUV to be able to afford to attend. I chose powerhouse healers to hold containers for my work and made the commitment to sweep out the darkness. It was terrifying and more painful than anything else I have experienced in this lifetime, and I am so grateful and unbelievably proud of myself. Because lets face it..councelors/healers facilitate...YOU have to do the work. It's a collaborative effort, but you are the only one that can heal your own darkness. I worked my ass off...and now share my fire with others. Why go there, you ask? The deeper you dig, the brighter you shine. It's my path, I could say I had no choice, but you always have a choice...I CHOSE to face the fear and do what I was put on this earth to do so I could be of service. Serve my community, serve my planet, serve you. Nobody escapes childhood unscathed...nobody. If you say you did....you are lying to yourself. My mission is to make myself available to those who choose to heal, choose to meet the blocks in their lives with warrior energy and take action. If 2016 sucked for you....what are you going to do about it? What sadrifices are you willing to make? What do you need to change? "The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results." ​Transformation takes a collaborative effort between you, your healer, your family, your work, everything and everyone. It takes time and commitment to change. Imagine how it will feel to be free, to have joy in your life, to love who you are, to bring authenticity into your life? To have your heart so filled with love there is no room for depression. That's why I am here, doing my work, so I can help bring love into yours. So I say THANK YOU to 2016 for answering my call for the opportunity for such powerful transformation, thank you for bringing such amazing new lightworkers into my life, and THANK YOU for allowing me to have such potent manifestation abilities...everything I asked for and worked for I recieved this year, save 1. And for that 1...sometimes you have to wait for the other soul to be ready. So again I say THANK YOU 2016, for the lesson in patience and the ability to love unconditionally from afar. I am here....when you are ready, near or far....I am here. ​Angela McPhersonJoin me onTwitter at https://twitter.com/AMcPherson444Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AngelaMcPherson444Instagram at ​https://www.instagram.com/angelamcpherson444

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