Welcome to your first step in transforming your life!

How do I know it's happening?
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It would be my honor and pleasure to be able to facilitate the repair of your heart an​d soul a​nd bring you back to wholeness

"Change is inevitable, transformation is by conscious choice"

-HeatherAsh Amara, Author of Warrior Goddess Training

Coaching Packages

Sessions are custom designed to meet your needs in all 4 layers of the body 

Premium healing at an affordable cost with daily support.

Homework based on Cognitive Behavioral therapy and Toltec traditions

  • ​Full assessment

  • Customized and creative healing program

  • Healing sessions (1 hour, in person or skype)

  • Weekly homework assignments

  • Follow up and support with homework

  • Powerhouse support

  • Transformation!

You will be held in a strong container where

you can heal and grow

Tales from Within

Are you feeling stuck?  Getting tired of the same old routine and feel the struggle to make positive changes that you know need to be made? Is your energy low and sluggish? How many times a day do you find yourself judging or comparing yourself to someone else or an "ideal"?

The time could be now for you to really discover who you are!

We will be navigating through new philosophies and experiments on how to navigate through negativity and fall into a place of love and balance, leaving you with tools to maintain your new skills.

This series will include many tools and Toltec Philosophies including:

* Self Empowerment

* Self Love

* Owning your shit 

* Speaking your truth

* Healthy Boundaries 

* Authenticity

* Guided meditations 

It's time to free yourself from your internal chains!

When I retired from competitive gymnastics, I turned to martial arts for my outlet.

My instructor always said


"You need to repeat the movement a minimum of 2000

repetitions correctly to turn it into muscle memory" 

Retraining your brain is just like training the other muscles in your body!!
It takes time, patience and compassion for yourself.

I now take this wisdom into facilitating your healing
Change takes commitment on both parties

I am committed to your transformation,

are you ready to commit?

Healing Sessions


Sessions will include some or all of the following:

After your assessment, we will begin to release your body of blockages, using the modality we see fit


These methods can vary from

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Raindrop aromatherapy

  • Energy work

  • Crystals

  • Sound vibration 

  • relaxation massage 

  • Acu-pressure

YOU, however, are the one in control 

With consistent communication, the treatment will go as deep as you want it to