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Are you ready to transform

 Fear into Love?

 Let's face it, as we go through our lives, alot of our choices are filtered through

agreements that we have put upon ourselves or have been put upon us

Guess what?
​At any time you can choose to change that! 

Fear and anxiety can be debilitating if you allow them to be in control

Are you ready to take back control of your life and step into your power?


I have been educating, inspiring and

motivating people for 3 decades

in different capacities, including training

National level athletes
Are you ready to start your journey with me today?​


What does internal freedom mean to you?

Check out these powerhouse modalities that will give you the tools you need to step into your power and live the authentic life you have always wanted







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Jessica Niedermayer

Wild Honey


Kristen Talbot

Royal Oak

Veterinary Hospital

Aya Engel

High performance athlete

Acro Yoga, Circus performer

Musings of a Lightworker

The Key to choosing your coach and healer is to pay attention to the work they have done themselves, as healers can only take you as far as they, themselves have gone.  Education is important, experience and the willingness to be vulnerable and authentic is priceless.

Join me in my journey to unravel my agreements, by witnessing my experiences, it will challenge you to look into your own shadows to see what needs to be brought to light in your world.  

"Change is inevitable, Transformation is by conscious choice" - HeatherAsh Amara, author of Warrior Goddess Training

Happy traveling loves, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to reach out!

Mar 2017 - My Warrior Goddess Facilitator Training was born from Toltec Shamanism (and other modalities) created by HeatherAsh Amara.  I journeyed to the homeland of the Toltecs in Teotihuacan Mexico Feb 2017 and had the opportunity to do ceremony and heal in the pyramids where they lived.

This blog details one of my most powerful experiences during that trip.

A conversation with PTSD and a side of Grief, in the Desert

Sept 2016 - The Warrior Goddess Facilitator program required an intensive in Sedona Arizona.  The bonus, was we were given the opportunity to do a workshop the day before training started, which included a second facilitator, Sarah Rose Marshank, HeatherAsh's best friend.  Her book is called Selfistry, and she took us through her modality...and it rocked my world.  Check it out!

April 2016 - It was my first spiritual retreat, headed up by Don Miguel Ruiz, Toltec Shaman and best selling author of the 4 Agreements.  This is also the first time I met HeatherAsh Amara, and the first time she facilitated me walking across fire.  I met my Tribe that weekend, soul sisters, and the Woman who would change my entire world.

An experience I will never, ever forget!!

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I am fire, I hold the element

  of transformation in my soul.  

Walk with me and I shall hold space

for you while you dig and purge,

clean and shine your brilliant light.

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