Energy Transformation Specialist

National Coaching Certification Level III

​Usui Reiki Master
Holistic Wellness Coach 

Advanced Raynor Massage Specialist
Warrior Goddess Training Adv Facilitator

Angela McPherson

I have spent my entire adult life wrangling elite athletes in the gymnastics community, the football, rugby and hockey League, professional musicians and souls suffering with addiction.  They need big energy to help them shift, fluff and bandaids just don’t work for them.  Especially the men!

The universe is always trying to communicate with us and the saying, “The Universe whispers, then talks, then yells, then delivers the baseball bat”.  Well, I am the baseball bat.  I teach with intensity and fierce love and am bringing my gifts, my work into another energetic format.

The sporting community gave me the love and support I needed for the first 3 decades of my life and taught me how to be a leader of high performance souls. It taught me how to reign in the race horses, to bring peace to the wild Stallions on their journey to battle this thing called fear.  I produced National Champions and World Class athletes before they were of legal age.  My nickname from my athletes was Mama Bear.

I was able to hold the container for them to be able to navigate their edges, literally to the point of, “will I die today, learning this new skill”. However….

I was born terrified of everything and had no tools to function properly in society. I battled anxiety and depression through my very successful career as a High Performance Gymnastics Coach.  After retiring, I started in on my own inner work to release my triggers by finding the best trauma counselor in our area, which happened to be at a holistic Drug and Alcohol Rehab center.  Through her, I discovered, memories of being in a brace as a baby as my hip didn’t form properly.  I had repressed out of body experiences and have basically had PTSD since I was one.  I developed a friendship with this earth angel who had my number, I couldn’t get anything past her. She was this silver haired warrior of light with eyes built of fire. She guided me out of the corporate world and into a life of spiritual service.  She was my first client as a Reiki practitioner and on our 3rd visit, I asked her about the darkness in her head and urged her to go to the doctor.  Less than a year later, my earth angel became one of my guardian angels and was free of her brain tumor.

I chose to stay at the center as staff, it was where I felt closest to Nancy and felt her teachings would continue on through me. It was at this center, I found the 4 Agreements, by don Miguel Ruiz.  It is used as a teaching tool there.  I ended up being the staff healer, then client healer, facilitated workshops there and dove head first into energy work and experiential leadership.  Shadow work was prevalent, and I was fortunate enough to have some of the most powerful healers in that community become my mentors. Nancy however, was the catalyst for my transformation and will be forever in my heart and part of my spiritual care team.

I started creating workshops for our community marrying my experience and knowledge from the sporting community, mental training and the Toltec teachings and they exploded.  Then I see this energized advertisement for the Gathering of the Shamans on Facebook.  All my hairs stood up, was dizzy in my chair and I cried, I knew I needed to be there.  I had never been to anything like that, and have never traveled by myself, I didn’t care, I was going.

That’s where I met and fell in love with HeatherAsh Amara, author of Warrior Goddess Training. She has walked beside me, while I navigated my way through darkness, loss, grief, PTSD, depression and trauma.  There is always fear when you walk your edge, that’s why we have a spiritual and physical care team, to hold the container for us while we do our work, until we are ready to stand on our own two feet and be our own containers.  I will help you give yourself permission to lean in to the darkness, to see others have done it and not only survived, they thrived. 


My story is a story of success and inspiration, and an opportunity to widen your own tool box.

Those who have experienced the deep depths of their shadows shine the brightest.  Those, like myself, who have deeper work to do, can’t work with a coach they can burn down and manipulate. They need a container that can withstand a volcanic explosion.

Enter Jaguar medicine and it’s terrifying truth, forging it’s way to help facilitate your internal freedom.

Almost a decade in now, my tool box has grown exponentially, to not only include my "Sport coaching" tools, but a whole plethora of spiritual based and psychology based modalities.  

Along my journey, I have learned and developed my own tool box to help with triggers related to, stress, anxiety, fear, OCD, inner child work and addiction recovery. These tools include hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral techniques, European Shamanism, fire walking and other spiritual modalities including past life retrieval.

          My plan for you, is to assess where you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
          Make a plan unique to you and offer you support as you transition yourself into wholeness.​

Gymnastics Life

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Holistic Healing Classes and Retreats

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

That moment where it actually clicks and sets in that
I don't have to cope in order to just survive.

That I can actually heal these things in the past and

cut my attachment to them to actually live....

It might not sound like much but after 10 years of believing honestly and
being told that my existence wasn't going beyond survival...

I am so shaken and I feel lighter and fuller then I can ever remember. 
I'm not made of patches of what's happened to me.

I'm made of light that shines through everything.....Feeling... intense.

                                                                               - Elizabeth, 2015